Safe Deposit Box

Store your valuables and important documents safely and securely.

Safe deposit boxes are rented to members in Childersburg, Sylacauga, Chelsea and Pell City locations.  Protect important documents and valuables against fire, natural disaster and theft.  Annual rental fees are priced competitively, and New Horizons Club members receive a 10% discount on the annual rental fee.  

Suggested documents for safe storage are any that would be difficult to replace:

  • Stock certificates and savings bonds
  • Inventory of household goods (both list form and video)
  • Original insurance policies
  • Certificates of birth, marriage, death, education, or professional training
  • Copies of Power of Attorney documents and Living Wills, Certificates of Title, Last Will and Testimony, funeral and burial instructions, etc. NOTE: Access to these items might be needed when we're closed, so consider keeping copies in a safe deposit box and give the originals to your attorney.
  • Social Security Cards, credit cards that are not being used, and copies (front and back) of items carried in wallet such as driver's license, credit cards, etc.
  • List of all personal financial accounts and locations, and original copies of leases and contracts
  • Rare coins and stamps, special jewelry, medals, negatives of irreplaceable photos, or valuable collections

Take an annual inventory of your safe deposit box's contents and store that inventory somewhere other than in the box.  Store safe deposit box keys separately from keys to your home and car.  Avoid storing them in an envelope with the name of the credit union on it, in case your home is robbed.

NOTE: View our fee schedule for more information. Contact your local branch for box prices and sizes available.

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