Deposit Accounts

Share Savings Account

The Share account is the foundation of credit union membership. Not only is it a savings account, it’s also a way for our member owners to own shares in the credit union.

The Share Draft (Checking) Account

Coosa Pines offers Share Drafts, which are equivalent to credit union checking accounts. This account allows for “drafts” to be written on the account that are paid by the credit union. There are many great features included with the checking account, such as no monthly service fee, no per item fees and no minimum balance. There are also several overdraft protection options to protect your account against insufficient funds activity.

Share Certificates

Share Certificates offer higher dividend rates than the Share savings account on funds invested for a specific term or amount of time.

Christmas and Vacation Club

Save for the holidays or a dream vacation with Christmas Club and Vacation Club accounts.

IRAs (Traditional and Roth Savings Accounts)

Saving for the future, whether it is for a comfortable retirement or a child’s education, is easier with Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options.

Money Market Share Accounts

Earn higher dividends for higher balances with the Money Market share account.