Fee Schedule

Credit Unions typically charge fewer and lower fees than other financial institutions. When comparing credit unions to banks, you could save up to hundreds of dollars each year simply by using your credit union. With help from your credit union, you manage how you earn, spend, and save your money. Don't waste your money on fees you can avoid. 

The following fees may be assessed in connection with your account(s) as described in the Account Agreement:

Checking (Share Draft) Account

Overdraft Protection Transfer




Returned Item


Stop Payment (funds available)


Stop Payment (funds not available)


Photocopy of Check


Temporary Checks (one sheet of four free at account opening upon request) 


Personalized Checks

Prices Vary

Money Market Savings Account

Excessive Withdrawals/Transfers (after 3 per month)


Debit/ATM Services

Foreign ATM Transaction (at ATMS not in CU24/CU Here or Money Pass Networks)


Card Replacement


Transfer or Balance Inquiry at ATM


SpendEasy Pre-Loaded Visa™ Card

Purchase Fee




Electronic Banking Services

Virtual Branch Online Banking & Bill Pay


Mobile or Smartphone App Banking


Account Alerts (by text or email)




Wire Transfers

Domestic Transfer (Incoming or outgoing)


Foreign Transfer (Incoming or outgoing)


Western Union (Outgoing)


Miscellaneous Fees/Services

Check Cashing Fee

1% of Amount

Notary Service


Official Check (Payable to third party)


Money Order


Checks Sent for Collection


Foreign Item Collection (Only accepted if over $250.00)

Varies by Amount

Official Check to Merchant (For on-us check collection)


Deposited Items Returned


Copy of Deposited Item


Account Research or Reconciliation
(Minimum one hour + .20/page for copies + postage cost)


Xerox Copies (First 5 pages free)


Fax (Outgoing)


Account History Printout


Statement Copies


Return Mail


Incorrect Address




Inactive Account (After 18 Months)


Safe Deposit Boxes

Annual Rental size 3x5


Annual Rental size 3x10


Annual Rental size 5x10


Annual Rental size 10x10 (Size 10x10 only available at Sylacauga location)


Change Locks or Drill Boxes


Effective as of December 1, 2013. All fees and charges are subject to change. Fees assessed to your account will appear on your account statement.
*No charge to New Horizons Club members upon request.
**New Horizons Club members receive 10% discount on annual rental of safe deposit box. Contact your local branch for more information.

Full Fee Schedule

The Share Draft (Checking) Account